196 AR Highway 16 West Witts Springs, Arkansas 72686

Welcome to Witts Springs, Arkansas

Pedestal Rock and Lick Fork Bicycle Ride

Gravel Courses (mileages are approximate)

62 miles


6,043 feet of elevation

Start out with the rest of the gravel riders, but take a turn and see some of the most breathtaking scenery around! 

Five support stops.

50 miles


3,927 feet of elevation

Go down Lick Fork to Snowball, but before coming back to the Rider Village, take a tour of some premium gravel roads!

Four support stops.

30 miles


1,964 feet of elevation

Go down Lick Fork to Snowball, then turn right and make a loop before heading back to the Rider Village!

Three support stops.

16 miles


860 feet of elevation

Ride down Lick Fork and turn around at the driveway to the Terry Gage farm (before you drop off the big hill). You can see a beautiful view before you head back for lunch!

No support stops.