196 AR Highway 16 West Witts Springs, Arkansas 72686

Welcome to Witts Springs, Arkansas

Pedestal Rock and Lick Fork Bicycle Ride



Nikki Small setting up her 5-star support stop!

All road  courses are out-and-back with support stops at each turnaround. Mileage choices are a 10, 20, 40, 50, and 62 miles. The longer distances (20-62) all go by Nikki's 5-Star Support stop.  Last year Nikki featured pulled pork sliders along with the usual support stop goodies. Click here to see the Facebook page. 

Gravel ride

Amy & Jane setting up their super support stop!

We have courses for 15, 30, 50, and 62 miles of (mostly) gravel. Watch for signage on the gravel courses - they are color coded. If you're planning to do 30 miles, but take the turn with the folks riding 62 miles, you will most likely regret it. The 62-mile route has roughly 8400 feet of elevation to traverse.  All but the 15-mile route go by Rhonda's Super Support Stop!